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Inappropriate and inefficient shoring device has contributed to 75% of accidents involving trenches. In France alone, 117 accidents due to landslide have been recorded in the last 14 years.

Most of the victims died as a result of their injuries, known as “Bywaters’ syndrome”. Also known as “Crush Syndrome”, this type of injury can be described as muscle compression, causing toxins in body, thus leading to cardiac and kidney failure.

PRONAL Smartshore is a trench protection for intervention operators:

  • 2 or 4 cushions kits
  • Protection up to 2.00 meters depths
  • Set up in 20 minutes
  • Cushion weight : 13 kg


Trench Precautions

There is nothing to worry about! WRONG. How to be sure about shoring efficiency ? Unfortunately, operators were buried when working in trenches. This is due to the landslide that might be caused by bad weather, any vibrations and poor working environment. Ironically, 100% of the accidents have occurred in trenches “that holds”!


There is no fear as the trench is not too deep! WRONG. At what height does a trench needs to be protected? For the last 10 years, 7% of accidents involving fatalities occurred at a mere depth of 1.3 meter underground. Due to shallow trenches, the focus on the safety of the operators is overlooked. Consequently, operators are not prepared to face any potential risks of landslide.


Don’t worry, the trench is wide! WRONG. Is it because the trench is wide enough that it doesn’t require any shoring protection ? More than 10% of fatal accidents happened when the width is greater that 2/3 of the height of the trench. Having a wide trench should not give any impression of working in a safe environment.




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