After a flood, would you be properly insured?

How can you decrease your insurance deductible?

Are you equipped to handle rising water levels and pollution?

To face these risks, it is essential to protect sites, local residents and exposed zones. Appropriate and protective measures canreduce up to 75 % of the economic losses. The anti flood system PROTECFLOOD® co-developed by PRONAL &ALTOO protects local residents, industries and public authorities on long shelf spaces. Their inflatable structure (tubes filled with water) is self ballasted and avoids any anchoring on the ground, for fast deployment.


  • EASY TO USE : these barriers are installed temporarily in period of floods or construction. They are filled with water by border fire, motor-pump or industrial networks. Light enough to carry when empty, they are easy and fast to install. Their auto-ballasted system (by the weight of the water)
  • WATERPROOFNESS : the system is perfectly tight (no water penetration)
  • RESISTANCE : Their material allows resistance to the environmental requirements as well as several re-utilisation.
  • RELIABILITY : every project having its own unique situation, our teams assist with the installation of the product. Each project comes with an engineering diagnosis and training.
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