For more than 50 years, PRONAL has been developing and supplying flexible solutions made out of elastomer coated fabric to the transformer industry.

PRONAL is supplying to distribution & power transformers OEM’s, service teams & maintenance companies, with:

  • Rubber bladders (also called STP, air cells, rubber bags); STP are installed inside the conservator tank to compensate oil volume variation during operation while avoiding external air pollution.
  • Pneumatic lifting bags: used during setting up to the « active part » to lift the coil and allow spacer insertion/adjustment.
  • Flexible tanks: to store oil during commissioning and/or maintenance operations.

For the automotive industry and suppliers of vehicle windshields, PRONAL flexible vacuum bags are studied for the treatment of laminated glass. The latest developments have evolved the product with a rapid-closing action.

These bags, which are temperature-resistant, have the advantage of accommodating glasses of heavy thickness and shaped glasses.


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